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Sell more doormats worldwide!

We provide real-time drop-shipping service designed for US sellers. Customat Pro helps you widen your reach into other busy markets.

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Customat Pro

We offer a seamless process to help your business grow, here's what we can do for you:

Increase Revenue

Offer your customers a new product without any of the set-up costs, tools or fulfilment!

Fulfilment Made Easy

Using our integrated system, we can print and fulfil your orders without you lifting a finger!

Thousands of Happy Customers

We have designed, printed and fulfilled over 100,000 coir doormats and counting.

Sell to the most



We've done the research. The demand for custom doormats has been rising across Canada, Europe, UK and Australia. We can ship all your orders worldwide and offer you competitive delivery costs.

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Compatible with 60+ online shopping platforms

Worried about cost? Don't be!

Joining Customat Pro is easy and affordable for business big or small. We offer all our customers a Pay as you Go service, which means we only charge for the stock you sell. If you don't sell any custom doormats, we don't charge you. It's as easy as that!

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Use your designs

We give your full creative control! Send us your own custom designs with no limits! We will do the rest!

Use your brand

Do you have your own thank you cards, stickers or printed merch? Send them to us and we will ship them with every order.

Use our packaging

Your package will look the part! We send all orders in eco-friendly, non-branded packaging.

Customat on Instagram

Check out what we can do on our Instagram page @customatdesigns

Feel free to share your amazing new entrances with us to feature on our Instagram!

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